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7 Fall Home Improvement Tips: San Diego Painting and More

Rachel Williams

Summer has come to a close and fall is here to stay. Prep your humble abode for out-of-town guests and cold weather alike by tackling our house painting and home improvement checklist one at a time. (Ready, set, GO!)

1) Inspect Your Home for Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is one of the #1 signs that your home needs a little extra TLC.

Inspecting your property for peeling, missing or blistering paint made it to the first spot on our seasonal checklist for a few reasons. Why exactly? If left to continue, blistering paint can eventually deteriorate siding as well as leave exposed wood open to termite infestation and more. (This means costly repairs and potential wood replacement come spring!)

Save yourself the hassle and invest the time now.

2) Check Your Smoke Alarms

Second on our "tip list" is inspecting those smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. (This is especially important in a season when more and more people spend their time indoors.) Smoke detectors play an important role in the safekeeping of every home and family. At a minimum, they should be place on each level of your property.

The second week of October marked National Fire Prevention Week. Now is the perfect time to inspect smoke detectors!

3) Clear Those Gutters

Gutters got you down? While heavy rainfall may not be our biggest concern in Southern California, cleaning out gutters and downspouts is still an important task.

When gutters are weighed down by leaves, twigs, dirt, or water that these naturally occurring blocks trap in – they may start to sag or eventually break. Routinely cleaning out gutters, tightening brackets and replacing any rusted or damaged gutters will help better protect your home.

4) Tackle a Fall-Themed Project

On a lighter note, break free from the family routine and tackle a fall-themed project this season. While some projects may require gratuitous creativity or expertise, many do not.

    • Grab a pumpkin and start painting.
    • Paint your front door an eye-popping orange.
    • Create a fall-themed centerpiece.
    • Spray paint pinecones and decorate a windowsill.

Whatever your project, make it a family affair!

5) Aerate the Lawn

There’s no better time than the present to aerate the lawn! According to the experts, fall is one of the best times to aerate because it allows a greater amount of moisture and nutrients to get into the roots of your grassy lawn.

After aerating, season the lawn with a little fertilizer and then spread additional grass seed.

6) Replace Rotten Wood

As we mentioned previously, rotten wood is not a problem you want to have. It can be a costly as well as time-consuming task. Grab a screwdriver instead and probe the wood trim around your home – looking for damp, soft areas or crumbling wood. Inspect around windows, decks, doors and any other exterior wood surfaces.

Start small. Use caulking to fill in holes or gaps found (that are not termite-infested) and replace beams that may be more deteriorated, if necessary. Trust us, this will save you in the long run!

7) Light the Way

Fall means more pumpkins, fewer beach days, and a lot less light. What does less light mean for your home? More chances to creatively illuminate your walkways.

Add an appealing lamppost, porch light or find landscape-safe lighting that can be draped on shrubbery or strung up between trees. Well, what are you waiting for? Light it up!

If these San Diego house painting and home improvement tips aren't quite spicing up your season... call a pro! Companies like Brad Stoner Painting offer interior and exterior painting services, wood replacement and repairs.

We'll help you check off your list fast, leaving you time to tackle the more important things in life (like pumpkin carving).

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